Game Over – Try Again?

by Polykum Redaktion

Dear readers,

At first glance, ”Game Over” seems like a pretty bleak topic to write about. Who wants to hear about failure, mistakes and defeat? While failing is a fairly common experience for all of us, it is always unwelcome and usually accompanied with shame and embarrassment. If possible, we like to push our failings far away, or even deny them if we can.

Although we decided on the topic months ago, we could not have chosen it more fittingly, as we ourselves have recently made a mistake. As you may already know, the last Kruxerei contained some content that can only be described as discriminating. There is no denying that mistake, and we hope that you accept our apology on the last page.

In the end, every Game Over is a chance to try again, to pick yourself up from the floor of misery and give it all another go. Sometimes it is precisely the failing which helps us learn and grow – or maybe realise that we were going in a wrong direction all along.

We hope reading our thoughts on failing exams, the big and small struggles of student life, and the joy of second chances, will make your own next fail feel just a little bit less bitter.

Anna & Anna

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