Strangers, Again

by Polykum Redaktion

by Alisa Miloglyadova

A stranger at first, just passing by,

No words exchanged, no reason why,

But then a smile, a simple start,

Led to a chat, a bond of heart.

As days went by, we became friends,

Our bond grew strong, it just made sense

We shared our laughter, shared our tears,

Through ups and downs, we conquered fears.

Time passes by, too quick to hold,

Our paths diverge, our story told,

We say goodbye, with heavy hearts,

As distance grows, and love departs.

And now we’re strangers once again,

Our past, a memory, not in vain,

Our time together, a fleeting trend,

As life goes on, our paths extend.

But I will cherish what we had,

The moments shared, the good and bad,

And who knows, fate might intervene,

We’ll meet again, as strangers, friends, or anything in between.

Alisa Miloglyadova, 22,
thinks that some people are meant to be there for a certain period of time in one’s life, but then it’s the best to let them go.

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