Become Active in VSETH!

by Polykum Redaktion

Fellow students, dear readers,

In my last column, I wrote about our work during the holidays. There isn’t much left of the “undisturbed time” that I mentioned back there: as the semester progresses, the days get fuller with new appointments in our inboxes, planning of events, and spontaneous gatherings and VSETH activities in our homebase – CAB. Nevertheless, we all seem to enjoy the fast-paced environment.

If you are also someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle that comes with being a VSETH board member, I have a proposition for you. But before I dive into that, let me give you some information regarding the structuring of our board: The VSETH board consists of eleven students and an executive secretary. The students are elected by the Mitgliederrat (I will explain what that is below) for one year and the executive secretary is employed by VSETH. There are several resorts on the board. In addition to the usual presidium and treasury, which are found in most associations, we have five additional resorts:

1. Board members for the resort Internal Affairs are responsible for the coordination of student associations and the recognised organisations of VSETH.

2. In the resort University Politics, the board members participate in exchanges with different bodies at ETH and raise the students’ concerns and work to resolve them.

3. The resort Communication take care of the newsletter that you receive regularly and the online presence of VSETH. They also make sure that you get an Erstibag as a new student at ETH.

4. Board members of the resort Projects realises the largest events at ETH such as the Erstsemestrigenfest.

5. The resort Infrastructure is responsible for the management of all kinds of infrastructures, such as our rooms or our IT infrastructure.

Every semester, the Mitgliederrat (MR) takes place where delegates of the student associations and committees decide on important matters of VSETH such as the previous year’s financial statement as well as the election of the next board. The next MR takes place on 3 May 2023. If you are interested, contact your student association regarding the availability of places in their delegation.

Now, circling back to the proposition I mentioned in the beginning, our work is not possible without the engagement of motivated students. Are you interested in becoming active in VSETH? From simply helping out at one of our events to assuming a full-time board position for a year – we have something for everyone. Feel free to write to us at!

We wish you the best for the Easter holidays. We hope you can take the time off and replenish your energy for the next half of the semester!



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