Make Voice Count

Our job is to address issues that students face in their every- day study life. These can be topics ranging from the quality of education, to workplaces, mental health, exams or the living situation. Whenever the voice of students needs to be heard by ETH or other places, we represent them. But how can YOU get involved?

by Polykum Redaktion

by Mara Bless & Leah Mönkemöller

VSETH offers two university politics round-tables (Hopo-Stamm) per semester, where you can join for an evening of discussion with free food and drinks, regardless of your experience. You can raise topics that you are passionate about or that you feel do not get enough attention at ETH. We will then take the ideas and drafts from the evening into our daily work to effectively address issues that are relevant to students.

Join a Hopo-Weekend

If you are interested in diving a bit deeper into university politics, the Hopo-Weekend is the right place for you. From Friday to Sunday, you will spend time with other motivated students and, besides enjoying amazing food, fun games and sociable evenings, you can join multiple workshops

where you discuss current issues and develop solutions to them. This semester’s weekend took place from 18 – 20 March in Unterschächen, Uri. Together with more than 30 other students (see picture) we covered the topics of appreciation of voluntary commitment of students, equal starting chances at ETH, political neutrality as an association, appointment committees (BK) for new professors, survival guide first semester, student growth, catering services and representative student representation.

Become an official representative

Are you hungry for more power? Then become an official student representative. If you want to concentrate on topics affecting your field of study, being elected as a university politics board member in your study association at their general assembly is the way to go. If you are still craving more power and want to have your say regarding topics that affect all students, become our successor starting next September. For that, you need to be elected by the Members’ Council (MR) in June, whose delegates are voted for by the student associations in their general assembly (MV/GV/VV). Becoming one of those delegates also gives you the opportunity to decide on other relevant issues for the association, like the budget, upcoming projects or investments.


No matter your ideas, initiatives and opinions, you can always write an email to hopo@ to get in touch with us. This also applies if you have any question regarding one of the topics listed above. The next Hopo-Stamm wil take place on the evening of 11 May, more information will follow in the VSETH newsletter.

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