My Last Column

by Polykum Redaktion

Dear students, dear readers

The past weeks have been extremely eventful inside VSETH. It is weird to see the whole community waking up after a far too long sleep. One must admit that a lot of know-how was lost in the past years. But I am overjoyed at seeing everything goes on.

On the side of university politics, we have also been active. For instance, I took part in the kickoff meeting of the ETH working group on student growth. The working group aims to tackle all the problems linked with the growth in student numbers.

Among these are problems with space and resources at ETH, as well as lacking financial resources from the Confederation. But also questions concerning the shortage of housing space in Zurich and new ways of shaping teaching and learning at ETH will be addressed.

We also had the chance to host a delegation of student representatives from the Technische Universität München (TUM). We hosted them for three days and discussed the structures and current challenges at our respective universities.

Moreover, we are currently preparing for the General Assembly of VSS (the Swiss Student Union), where VSETH sends some representatives. VSS has Swiss-wide projects such as trying to implement a better scholarship system or creating better study conditions for refugees. You can find out more at

Another highlight of the past weeks was the reopening of our music rooms! If you want to register, have a look at this page I am really looking forward to hearing you play when I walk past.

This is my last column in the Polykum as I will not be running for reelection. I would like to conclude by looking back at the past year. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent students this past year. The job was very demanding, but I always had the trust of my board and the whole VSETH community. I am thankful to all the people who helped me, and hope that my successor will benefit from the same support. They will be elected next June and will take over our positions at the beginning of next semester. Already now, I would like to wish the next board a lot of success in their future position and thank you all for your support and for reading my columns!

I hope to see you around, Best


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