On My Couch

by Polykum Redaktion

Dear students, dear readers,


This time I decided to write about something else than my work. I will talk about the work of my board as a whole. We are 11 students on the VSETH board. Most of us work full time for VSETH, in our respective departments. At weekly meetings on the couch in my office, I catch up on what each of my board members is doing. Here is what they are up to right now:

Leon is responsible for events. He is currently preparing the Summerbar, which will take place on the Polyterrasse during the last three weeks of the semester. He just got the ETH permit for the event and is now working on ordering the fridge and the tent we need. He is also starting the preparations for our Freshers Party (Erstifest) next semester. Alex is our general secretary. He is an employee of VSETH and is responsible for managing the other employees of VSETH. He is also responsible for all the administrative nightmares that come with running an association the size of VSETH. He is currently working on getting our music room reservation system working again. Philipp is our treasurer. He has been working on closing the financial year 2021. He has been checking that everything has been accounted for correctly. Then he can finish our financial report for 2021. Mara and Leah are responsible for university politics. They have their own column on the next page where you can find out what they have been working on these past weeks. Tobias is responsible for infrastructure. He has been cleaning up our storage rooms. He has also been working on the planning of new buildings on the Höngerberg Campus, in particular on the new Center for Students and Entrepreneurs (HIC), which is supposed to be completed by the end of 2027. Lea and Zoé are both responsible for communication. They have been working on keeping our communication channels running, such as the newsletter and our social media channels. They have also planned the Erstibags for the students who start at ETH next year. Mia and Ricarda are responsible for internal affairs. As such, they are responsible for coordinating all study associations, committees and student associations. They organise events such as the Activity Fair and are responsible for coordinating the almost 1 500 volunteers of VSETH. In the past weeks, they have been mainly working on recognizing some new student associations and preparing the Members’ Council (MR) of VSETH.

The MR is also responsible for electing the next VSETH Board. These elections will take place in June. If you feel like any of these responsibilities could be yours in the future, and that you are ready to work upwards of 20 hours a week for VSETH next year, you can find out more about being a board member here: vseth.ethz.ch/recruiting/

I hope to see you around,

Best Nils

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