A Look into the Future

by Polykum Redaktion

Fellow students, dear readers,

Now that you have hopefully passed your exams and enjoyed the holidays and winter break, it is time for another spring semester at ETH! It has already been a couple of weeks since we started, so I wish it is going well for all of you so far.

The VSETH board has been busy with many projects over the winter break. Since many of us paused our studies for a year, we were able to work on various tasks during the exam session, which would otherwise have been filled with chaos. We rummaged through our digital archive to discover many intriguing details about our own history, cleaned up our storage spaces and optimised the use of our rooms. We also found time to start planning our largest events of the semester like the Summerbar at Polyterrasse, our open-air cinema FLiK at Hönggerberg, and the Erstsemestrigenfest at the beginning of the next academic year.

A large project that we started in the past couple months is a working group to optimise the executive structure of VSETH. As an association with more than two thousand active students and a diverse set of services, the distribution of the workload is of central importance. As VSETH grew, so did the workload of the executive board. Therefore, restructuring is necessary to accommodate branches to support the board and existing committees in the executive tasks they undertake. The prognoses assume that ETH will continue to grow until at least 2030, and so will VSETH. This increases the importance of this project.

Those of you who have been at ETH for a while have likely noticed that the academic calendar and examinations are not among the greatest features. To tackle this issue, the Rectorate has launched a project to reform the exams and the academic calendar. For us, the students, this is a great opportunity to redesign our academic calendar in a way that eases our lives and allows us to unleash our full potential, be it by scheduling more holiday breaks than the current one to reduce stress levels or by enabling us to do internships or other extracurricular activities easier. The project has just started this January and is still in its early stages. While it is still early to speculate on the final result, we are delighted to see ETH push to find a solution here with everyone involved, including VSETH.

See you in the next issue and best,


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