Turn up the Heat

by Polykum Redaktion

Welcome to another spring semester. We hope you all had a lovely winter break and are back rested to continue your pursuit of knowledge and learning.
A lot has happened over this time, most notably the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria, and Kurdistan. We stand in solidarity with all those affected by these events. We also encourage all who can to support the rescue and rehabilitation efforts through donations – every little bit counts! Refer to page 7 for more information.

Change is afoot at Polykum this semester; this is not just our first issue after the short break, but also the first with a new board at the helm and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Although the last few weeks have been deceptive, we dare to be optimistic and say that winter’s chilly serenade is coming to a close and we will soon be greeted by bright sunny days and spring flowers. As we spend much of this transitional period dreaming of warmer temperatures, what could be more apt a theme for this issue than “Hot”.

Having started with its literal meaning, we take it a step further and invite you to explore the polysemous nature of this word. “Hot” has a chameleon-like quality. So flip through this mish-mash of articles and turn up the heat today.

Sabrina & Navya

by Sabrina Strub and Navya Miriam Itty, Redaktionsleitung Polykum, redaktionsleitung@polykum.ethz.ch

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