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At ETH we are in a unique position where we have great relations with the ETH-administration and instead of working in opposition, we dialogue and collaborate to make ETH better for everyone. Hence, it is no surprise that over 2000 students are active within VSETH. If you are wondering how you can join our big family, here are a few opportunities you might find interesting.

by Polykum Redaktion

by Léa Le Bars


Twice per semester, students from all levels interested in university politics sit together and discuss current topics like participation, equality and teaching. The free food and drinks, as well as the productive ambiance make these round-tables the perfect opportunity to meet like- and unlike-minded people and to get an insight into our world, first-hand.

If there are any topics particularly close to your heart that aren’t getting quite enough attention yet, bring them to the next meeting and we’ll work on them together.

University politics at the departmental level

If you want to get involved – in whatever capacity – your first point of contact is your own study association. Once every semester, they elect representatives for the Departments Conference (DK) and Teaching Committee (UK) at their general assembly. This is where you can get an insight into the politics of your department. In the larger associations, there are also “HoPo-Teams” which work on current topics inside the department. Don’t hesitate to shoot out an email to your association or visit them during opening hours. Most of them don’t bite!


The working group university politics (AG HoPo) was one of the very first projects of our tenure. It aims to get more people involved in university politics to facilitate more projects and thereby also relieving the VSETH HoPo board. It also serves as a conduit for exchange between representatives of different departments. We discuss overarching themes that come up in multiple departement conferences or teaching committees and exchange best practices. The AG HoPo is also a place for other working groups (AG Fokusgruppen, AG Chancengleichheit, AG Studie-
rendenarbeitsplätze) to exchange and seek help.


Last but not least, VSETH organises a weekend in the mountains once every semester to discuss university politics, university politics, and even more university politics! During these two days, people from all levels work on specific topics and projects which are then followed up by the VSETH HoPo board members. Last weekend’s topics included: an award for student participation, Inclusive Teaching, redesign of the academic calendar and many more!

We are always looking for new people interested in joining the various working groups, to represent students in different committees, and to take over from those who are leaving this semester. See you around!

Léa Le Bars, 23,
VSETH board member for university politics, is tired of always seeing the same faces and is desperately looking for new HoPo blood.

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