What does Magic mean to you?

by Polykum Redaktion

Spring is upon us, folks – warmer temperatures, tender green leaves on once-bare trees, fields dotted with daisies and dandelions – what a magical time! Adding to an already magical time is this edition of Polykum.

Magic has long been a source of fascination for people of all ages. From the mystic arts of the Egyptians to the enticing tales of Harry Potter, magic has been a part of human history and culture for millennia. Although it has taken many different forms throughout the ages, its power to inspire and enchant has remained constant.

For some, magic is nothing more than a party trick – making a coin disappear, bending a spoon. For others, it’s a belief in something mystical or spiritual, something that’s bigger than themselves. For me, magic symbolises hope. Amidst overwhelming chaos, it can be easy to lose sight of hope. But magic has the power to rekindle it. I speak of the kind of magic that is everywhere – in the words of your much-loved author, the tunes of your favourite artist, in the beauty of a sunset, or the kindness of a stranger.

With the end of the semester rolling around, the stress of deadlines and dread of upcoming exams set in. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably all looking to break out of this humdrum escape into something magical. In this issue, our authors bring you a tiny slice of the magic you seek. Join us on this journey and perhaps discover what does magic mean to you?

Navya & Sabrina

Sabrina Strub und Navya Miriam Itty,
Redaktionsleitung Polykum


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