Not Afraid to Burn

by Polykum Redaktion

You’re so hot and I’m melting

Melting away, you’re my sun

My soul’s ignited, with love compelling

With you, I‘ve already won

Your love is like a breath of air

Reviving me with each interaction

With you, my heart is free from care

And I’m lost in this blissful attraction

The heat between us is intense

Like flames that dance and ignite

And I don’t fear any consequence

I trust you to hold me tight

So I’m not afraid to be consumed

By the fire we ignite

Our love, an inferno, untamed, renewed

As we embrace, it just feels right

Thus let the fire burn within us

As we bask in its warm glow

For with you, my heart is fearless

And our love will always grow

Alisa Miloglyadova, 22, likes the hot more than the cold.

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