How the Respektstelle Supports You

The Respektstelle of ETH is a counselling service. They help you if you are affected by bullying, harassment or discrimination.

by Polykum Redaktion

by Nikolaus von Moos & Leah Mönkemöller

Who works at the Respektstelle?

At the internal Respektstelle work specialists in bullying, harassment and discrimination. These currently includes a clinical psychologist and a coach with a background in natural sciences. Both have many years of experience in counselling on such topics. If required and desired by the affected person, other people, such as mediators, can be called in.

What happens when I contact the  Respektstelle?

In an initial contact, the situation is looked at thoroughly and the specific concerns are determined. These discussions are absolutely confidential. Together with the person seeking advice, an analysis is then made of the options and how the person would like to proceed. Other possible counselling or support services will be indicated as well. It is important to mention that no steps are taken without the consent of the person seeking advice.

With which topics can I come  to the Respektstelle?

Basically, the office is the contact for all respect issues like bullying, harassment and discrimination. This applies to all ETH employees, i.e. from students to professors and administrative staff. The counsellors are in contact with other offices within and outside ETH and, if necessary, can suggest where the person could turn to with his or her topic, if it is more suitable there. Conversely, people are also sent to us by other counselling centres, e.g. the Student Services or the Psychological Counselling Service, if it concerns respect topics, with which we can help best.

How protected am I when I  report to the Respektstelle?

The reports are treated confidentially and no steps are taken without the consent of the person seeking advice. Thus, the person has control over who is involved. There is an exception when serious incidents, such as rape, would be reported. In this case, the agency must become active by law and will then accompany the person and refers her or him to the right authorities, e.g. victim assistance.

Should further steps be taken, it is important that the person seeking advice remains informed and involved. By law, there is protection against dismissal after a report has been made. ETH also has a duty of care towards the reporting person, but also towards the person who may have been accused. It is therefore important to proceed carefully

How do I reach the Respektstelle?

At you can find a lot of relevant information on the various topics. The easiest way to contact the Respektstelle is to send us an email to We usually answer within 48 hours. In case of emergency, you can contact the ETH Alarm Centre (+41 44 342 1188) or the police (117) directly.



Dr Monika Keller has been working since June 2019 in the counselling and mediation office Respekt. She is responsible for counselling and support for students, staff and internal units in cases of violation of personal integrity in the workplace (discrimination, harassment, bullying).

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