by Polykum Redaktion

Your naked skin – a work of art

Not perfect no, but very smart

The artist must have spent a while

To draw the wrinkles when you smile

The little dot above your nose

I only see it when I’m close

Reminds me of the northern star

That showed the way to where you are


Now that I’ve found you in this night

I only want to hold you tight

To see you close in shine of moon

And make you see what I see soon


I tell you this and now you blush

Oh honey I don’t want to rush

But from the color of your skin

I see the artist that’s within


The beauty that you usually hide

I see now with my naked eye

No need for hiding anymore

Cause you are all that I adore


Alisa Miloglyadova, 21, does not feel comfortable being naked herself, but still sees nakedness as something beautiful.


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