Here Comes the Sun

by Polykum Redaktion

Dear readers

Spring is here, all of nature is blossoming and blooming, and animals and students alike come crawling out of their winter hiding places again. The perfect time to write about nature!

The topic sparked some interesting discussions among our authors, as we soon realised how hard it is to capture what we even mean by it. What is perceived as “natural” can be quite different from person to person and even more so from culture to culture. In the end, we have brought you a wide collection of stories, about the beauty, but also the danger of nature, and how much care is needed to protect it in its various forms.

As advertised in the last issue, we have also placed a focus on the topic of racism and discrimination at ETH, in science, in our personal lives. We hope you enjoy the various perspectives on the issue that our authors share with you!

With this being the last issue of the semester, we wish you all a beautiful summer and a successful exam season! My personal tip for the summer break: go out and experience the beautiful Swiss nature firsthand on one of the many hiking trails!

Anna & Anna

Anna Weber und Anna Heck, Redaktionsleitung Polykum

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