I know a lot

by Polykum Redaktion

I am really good at putting one foot in front of the other.
I am really good at making it look like there`s always another.
I know I will push myself dissatisfied with the limits,
I know I can squeeze teeth through the pain, suffer and shame
Even when my body stops breathing posing a human claim.
I know I will try to make sense of the senseless,
I know that even in the hardest I will somehow push through.
When the loneliness bargains for my truth
And sifts through my fingers

Washing away the hardest lessons for which I fought,
I will gamble myself once again.
Surprised I will still open my eyes with a strong thought.
For the truth is mine and mine alone.
For I am mine and nothing more.
For the moment when I feel like stone.
For what has sailed will come ashore
And part again.
I know a lot.

But sometimes it`s so nice to admit that I just don`t.

by Tihomir Todorov, 29, doctoral student in cancer biology who loves
creative writing.

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