by Polykum Redaktion

In each of us, a power lies,

A magic that we can’t disguise.

It’s in the way we close our eyes,

And imagine things beyond the skies.

We weave a canvas of colours bright,

And watch it come alive in the night.

For in our slumber, we can create,

A world of wonder, love, and fate.

And in this world, we’ve never been,

With grass as green as ever seen.

We ride on clouds, with ease and grace,

And hear the trees talk, floating in space.

* * *

There we have the power to heal,

To mend our broken hearts, and feel.

Our minds – a sanctuary, a place to rest,

Where we lift the stone in our chest.

For in dreams, we find our truest self,

A part of us, that we often shelve.

We can be heroes, or just be kind,

A land of miracles, within our mind.

Alisa Miloglyadova, 22,
BSc Physics, rarely remembers her dreams.

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