Join Us with Passion


by Polykum Redaktion

Dear readers,


When was the last time you were really passionate about something? What sparked that passion? Your studies? A hobby? A person?

While most people experience passionate feelings from time to time, I think they are much rarer than what popular culture leads us to believe. Advertisements, social media, and Co. broadcast non-stop that in order to succeed and lead a happy life, you need to be extremely passionate about everything you do. Yet it is no coincidence that the word passion derives from the latin word pati, “to suffer”, and while passion can be a great source of joy, it can cause a lot of pain as well.

In this issue, our authors take a close and sometimes critical look at passions, both weird and common, too little and too many. They explore the role passion plays in jobs, relationships and sports, how it drives and motivates us, but also how it can harm us or be exploited.

If you, too, are passionate about writing and journalism, consider joining our team! We are currently looking for new members of the board, as well as for editors and authors.


Enjoy reading! Anna


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